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IDC offers a full range of imaging services:

  • Paper to film
  • Paper to digital
  • Film to digital
  • Digital to film

IDC processes more than 2 million pages a month out of our Saline, Michigan facility.  From journals and magazines, to newspapers, books, government and company records, manuscripts and special collections, IDC offers a complete range of onshore imaging services.

IDC is a registered Kodak Laboratory, bringing decades of experience in delivery preservation quality microfilm to our customers.  We provide original microfilming and duplication services and support multiple formats – 35mm and 16mm microfilm, and 105mm microfiche; and multiple film stocks – silver, diazo and vesicular.  Given our large duplication capacities we offer the most affordable duplication pricing as well as a complete range of reel programming services.

IDC can capture digital images from paper or film and produce files in a variety of formats (TIFF, GIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and more) and bit depths.  But capturing the image is only the beginning of the value we offer our customers.  Using a custom designed set of image enhancement tools (ImageIT), IDC provides the highest quality digital images at the most cost-effective prices.  We capture your content using standard scanner settings and then optimize and customize each image during our post scanning processing.  The resulting images are sharper, cleaner and take up less storage space than native images direct from the scanner.  Also, by doing the image processing at the backend, we are able to maximize scanner throughput resulting in faster project turn-around times and lower unit costs.