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The success of your conversion projects begins with a trusted partner, one who can not only bring the highest quality conversion services to the table but can help create the best overall solution to your conversion needs.  Our unique approach stems from our background as publishers of digital and microfilm products.  We understand what’s most important to the success of a project and can help design a solution that fits your unique business needs.

Your budgets are not unlimited.  We understand that every project is a mix of trade-offs and that picking the optimal solution, one that delivers value without sacrificing quality, is the goal.  Understanding the total picture, what your plans are and who your users are, helps us to provide the best solution.

When Bondi Digital Publishing was looking for a conversion partner it turned to IDC.  Working closely with Bondi and their development team, we were able to define the appropriate XML data structure and conversion solution to turn their dream of a fully searchable archive for Rolling Stone magazine into a reality.

Morehouse College needed an onsite solution for its Martin Luther King Papers project that offered both digital access and long-term preservation. IDC offered a scanning/preservation solution that minimized the direct handling of the source documents.  Using trained operators for onsite image capture, IDC provided high resolution scanned images for each document and then employed electron beam recorder (EBR) technologies from IGI to create preservation quality microfilm.  From a single ‘touch’ of the source material we were able to provide multiple outputs, each tailored to Morehouse’s specific needs.

Whether you are seeking to preserve a valuable collection, go online to expand access to rare information, or increase the value of your information assets through broader distribution, IDC has a solution designed specifically for your needs.


  • Paper to film
  • Paper to digital
  • Film to digital
  • Digital to film

Content Conversion

  • Historical newspaper conversions
  • Magazine backfile conversion
  • Conversion to specific formats
  • Searchable-text and PDF with bookmarking
  • Workflow management solution (WorkIT)

Custom Services

  • Custom Image Enhancements
  • Imaging Project Management
  • Custom data metadata models